Alumni Survey

Welcome to the new UHS Alumni Survey!

We are collecting this alumni information for the following reasons:

  1. Alumni social networking
  2. College research for current UHS students, via school counselors
  3. Alumni stories for the UHS Perspective (an online magazine for UHS students)

Your privacy is important! We will share your responses to the survey only with the groups you indicate.

Thanks so much for participating, and helping us to make connections at UHS and beyond!

- The UHS Foundation and Alumni Association

Alumni Information

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Networking Information

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College Information

(to assist current students with college search)

Potential volunteering options:

The UHS Perspective is an online, student-run magazine
Please provide the names and email addresses of three alumni whom you think might appreciate being connected with the UHSFAA
This is your opportunity to share comments or caveats on your answers, or the survey itself. Thank you!