Hall of Fame

2020 UHS Hall of Fame

On April 2, 2016, in honor of UHS’ 40th Anniversary, UHSFAA partnered with UHS to celebrate and launch the UHS Hall of Fame. The event was so successful that we are continuing this tradition. The UHS Hall of Fame 2020 event will take place on Saturday, April 4, 2020 at 2 PM.

We plan to induct the following honorees:

Lois Blondeau (In Abstentia)
Carol Ditsch
Pat Mc Andrew (In Memoriam)
Sherry  Milo (In Memoriam)
Oscar Morales
Jack Nolan
Hank Pilote (In Memoriam)
Kristina Serkowski
Eileen Sherlock
Pat Yovonovitz

To register, click HERE. Stay tuned for more information, and contact us if you would like to help!


UHS Hall of Fame 2020

Stay tuned for more information! Please contact us if you would like to help!!
This event is free of charge.

2016 UHS Hall of Fame

Watch he founders and early faculty of UHS/Special Projects share memories of the first years:

2016 Hall of Fame Inductees 

Note: plaques in their honor hang in the UHS administrative offices

Reginald Barr

– Inception to 1992 –

UHS Social Studies Department Chair

Instituted UHS Mock Elections and Seniors Debate

Coach for Championship Academic Decathlon

President, Arizona Board of Education

C. Diane Bishop

– Inception to 1986 –

UHS Mathematics Department Chair, AP Calculus

Arizona State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Phoenix Union School District Governing Board

Leo Croteau

– Inception to 1982 –

UHS English Department Chair, AP English

Role model to his students for his humanitarianism and community service

The Leo Croteau Award is given at graduation in his honor to recognize valedictory distinction.

J. McGee "Mac" Evans

– 1976 to 1980 –

First Director of Special Projects

Developed the initial curricular instructional culture for Special Projects

Hired the original faculty and admitted the first students

Aleida "Madame" Gehrels

– Inception to 1997 –

AP French, AP German, AP Art History

Early developer of College Board’s AP Art History exam

Staff advisor to numerous student clubs including Hunger Action Group

Sally Higgins

– Inception to 1997 –

Lead Counselor at Special Projects and UHS

AP Coordinator – integrally involved in developing early AP curriculum

Developed the initial personal, direct counseling culture at UHS

Carolyn Kemmeries

– 1976, and 1986 to 1992 –

Director of Special Projects, First Principal of UHS

Presided over the create of the UHS School Council

Stewarded UHS accreditation as the nation’s first public college preparatory school

Served on the TUSD Governing Board

James Madden

– Inception to 2013 –

UHS Physics and Computer Science

Longest serving original faculty member

Multiple honors by the Flynn Foundation as Distinguished Educator

Recipient of Career & Technical Education grants funding for early educational labs

Allan Sandum

– Inception to 1995 –

UHS Science Department Chair, Honors and AP Biology

Staff advisor for Science Bowl and Science Olympiad

Robert Thomas

– Inception to 1992 –

Honors and AP Chemistry

Coach of UHS Championship Chess Team

Promoter and supporter of many student academic competitions

Tucson Education Association Representative for UHS