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AZ Public School Tax Credit

Arizona taxpayers may donate to a specific public school and receive a nonrefundable tax credit on their Arizona taxes, so why not donate to University High School? Note:  This is different from a donation given to the UHSFAA, which is a registered non-profit, separate from UHS. 

Contributions paid or postmarked between January 1 and April 15 may be claimed as credits on your prior year or current year Arizona tax return. 

The maximum credit is $400 for married taxpayers and $200 for singles. To designate 100% to UHS, go to TUSD’s donation page and select “University” and the sub-category of your choice.   

All tax matters are subject to the limits of your tax liability. Please consult your tax professional for more information.


The AZ Public School Tax Credit AND a Charitable Tax Deductible Donation to UHSFAA!  

The AZ Public School Tax Credit is different from a donation given to a registered non-profit like UHSFAA.  Schools are limited on how they can use those funds, but the UHSFAA has broad discretion on how best to deliver your contributions to the school. You can do both!


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To donate to UHSFAA, click HERE for information and options.  To learn about our past annual campaigns, click HERE.


Tax ID

The tax ID of UHSFAA is 86-0862856.


Thank you for your support!

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