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Technology and the Classroom

During Covid times, direct support to some students, as well as to teachers, is more critical than ever.  Please consider a donation that the UHSFAA can flexibly direct to provide online support, chromebooks and technology infrastructure.


Since 2013, UHSFAA has provided thousands of dollars worth of technology for UHS, including projectors, computer towers, document cameras and more. Technology has been provided based on the needs of the school and the available funding. Donors may also direct technology gifts to the school.  Click on the donate button at top right to choose the category of “general technology”.

TEACHER SUCCESS (Choose a department important to you.)

Your donations go to provide the latest supplies to department chairs, to be used in support of excellence in the classroom. Funds are allocated by department, and donors may select individual departments. Use of the funds is at the discretion of each department chair, with oversight from UHS administration and accountability to UHSFAA.  Click on the donate button at top right to support your chosen department:

Department Chairs:

English: David Sudak (david.sudak@tusd1.org)

Mathematics: Leiba Schuneman (leiba.schuneman@tusd1.org)

World Languages: Austin Morris (Austin.Morris@tusd1.org)

Science: Elyse Wexler (Elyse.Wexler@tusd1.org)

Social Studies: Sarah Stuart (sarah.stuart@tusd1.org)

Fine Arts and Electives: Mike Schmidt (robert.schmidt@tusd1.org)


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Annual Campaigns

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Tax ID

The tax ID of UHSFAA is 86-0862856.

Thank you for your support!