Since 2013, the UHSFAA has presented an annual Campaign for Excellence to benefit UHS. Money raised by UHSFAA is used to fund projects and supplies for UHS, provide stipends and awards for first-generation college-bound students-in-need, and also used to create a long-term endowment for the school. Below is a list of some of the donations that UHSFAA has provided to UHS in previous years, the product of both foundation grants and donations from UHS alumni and community members. 

The 2018/2019 Campaign for Excellence received over $113,000 in contributions, including $65,000 in grants and $47,000 in individual contributions!

Over $105,000 was awarded in 2018/2019 to students and for school supplies and programs.

  • $7,000 to the Principal’s Discretionary Fund for supplies and individual student fees for programs and activities
  • $4,300 for 10 laptops w/cases for teachers
  • $1,500 from the Microgrant fund awarded for five students to attend dual enrollment for engineering courses,
  • $2,100 from the Microgrant fund awarded for students to attend UA SHINE summer program
  • $65,000 was received as a restricted grant from an anonymous donor and expended on computers on wheels (COWs) and related technology
  • $8,000 to 4 students ($2000 each) as part of the Hank and Angelina Pilote college scholarships. (Recipients receive a total of $8000 each for a four year college).
  • $1,400  from the Keys-for-College fund Awarded to students in need for PSAT, SAT, and AP testing
  • $3,000 in other awards for technology and educational tools

The 2017/2018 campaign raised $30,000.  The following awards were distributed:

  • $3,173 from the Professional Development Fund for summer program fees for students in need
  • $2,052 from the Principal’s Discretionary Fund for expenses related to the HOBY Youth Leadership Program,  CPR classes and classroom supplies
  • $1,508 from the Keys for College fund for PSAT, SAT, and AP testing as well as college tour expenses for students in need
  • $4,656 for 10 laptops for teachers 
  • $8,000 in Pilote scholarship distributions
  • $302  awarded to the UHS CTE program from matching grant provided by Google and an alumnus donor to fund computer supplies

2016/2017 – The following awards were distributed:

  • $27,000 worth of document cameras (3), projectors (2), laptops for teacher use (5), marker boards (14), laptops for student use (21).
  • $4240 from the Principal’s Discretionary Fund for volunteer appreciation, student council homecoming supplies, staff health certification exams.

2015/2016 – The following awards were distributed: 

  • $12,000 received as a matching gift from an alumni and his employer: Google. Expended on 31 monitors & 4 ceiling speakers to upgrade the new computer science lab.
  • $1,982 for technology and classroom
  • $4,007 from Principal’s discretionary fund 
  • $6,000 in Pilote scholarships distributions

2014/2015 –The following awards were distributed:

  • $10,000 for projectors and document cameras
  • $3000 to the Principal’s Leadership Fund
  • $3000 in TTT gifts to teachers (Tools, Technology, Textbooks)

2013/2014 –The following awards were distributed:

  • $3000 to the Principal’s Discretionary Fund
  • $3000 in TTT gifts to teachers (Tools, Technology, Textbooks)
  • $7000 for lab equipment

2012/2013 – The following awards were distributed: 

  • $7500 for new computers

UHS has been running on a survival budget for many years. YOUR help is making a difference for the leaders of tomorrow!