Each fall since 2013, the UHSFAA promotes an annual Campaign for Excellence to benefit UHS. Money raised by UHSFAA is used to fund projects and supplies for UHS, as well as to create a long-term endowment for the school. Below is a list of some of the donations that UHSFAA has provided to UHS in previous years, the product of many small donations from UHS alumni and community members. 

The 2017 campaign raised $30,000 to benefit the following programs:

  • The “Pay It Forward” Initiative: “Keys-to-College” and the Professional Development Program
  • Technology resources such as laptops, monitors, and LCD projectors
  • The UHSFAA Board Restricted Capital Fund for long term improvement projects    

Some highlights:

  • 124 total donors
  • Median donation size – $100
  • $4,000 donation that was hand-delivered to the school from someone with no affiliation other than that she lives nearby and she loves what UHS stands for!

2016/2017 – Over $27,000 worth of equipment, including:

  • 3 document cameras
  • 2 projectors
  • 5 laptops for teacher use
  • 14 marker boards
  • 21 laptops for student use
  • 31 monitors & 4 ceiling speakers to upgrade the new computer science lab
  • $4240 to the Principal’s Discretionary Fund

2015/2016 –

  • $10,000 in new laptops, document cameras and projectors
  • $6000 to the Instructional Council and Principal’s Leadership Fund for teaching needs
  • $12,000 received as a matching gift from an alumni and his employer: Google.
  • LCD monitors purchased for the new computer science program.

2014/2015 – 

  • $10,000 for projectors and document cameras
  • $3000 to the Principal’s Leadership Fund
  • $3000 in TTT gifts to teachers (Tools, Technology, Textbooks)

2013/2014 –

  • $3000 to the Principal’s Discretionary Fund
  • $3000 in TTT gifts to teachers (Tools, Technology, Textbooks)
  • $7000 for lab equipment

2012/2013 – 

  • $7500 for new computers

UHS has been running on a survival budget for many years. YOUR help is making a difference for the leaders of tomorrow!