The University High School Foundation & Alumni Association awards a Dr. Henry J. Pilote, Jr. and Angelina E. Pilote Scholarship each year, provided certain fund conditions are met. The scholarship is awarded to one student who best meets the criteria established by the Pilote family. It is for $8,000 total, with $2,000 given each year that the recipient is attending a four-year accredited university.

The objective of the Dr. Henry J. Pilote, Jr. and Angelina E. Pilote Scholarship is to recognize all-around excellence and achievement by high school graduates. The character and integrity of the student are among the most important criteria sought after by the Pilote Scholarship. The student should be a “doer” known for honesty, leadership and the ability to take responsibility for his/her actions.

The criteria for the scholarship award are as follows:

  • GPA of at least 3.2 out of 4.0 (or 4.2/5.0)
  • The student must be entering a 4 year course of study at an accredited college
  • Athletic achievement is a must
  • The student must be enrolled in ROTC or participate in another leadership program, where problem solving, planning strategies and professional ethics are learned
  • Special achievements such as participation in a science fair, literary society, essay contest, local theater or other competition requiring individual exposure will be considered
  • Community-related activities are valued along with participation in social/class activities that indicate that the student is a team player

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